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2021 Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity Plan
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Over the summer the school purchased eighty (yes 80) new chromebooks, which means each student in grades three through eight have their own computer. The Future is here.

K-2 : Kindergarten, First and Second are coming to the Computer Lab on: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They are using laptop computers to access programs that facilitate; reading, typing and a computer literacy drawing activity.

Kindergarteners have become successful in logging on to the sites they use and entering their password without assistance. Yahoo!  They are also learning how to navigate through the reading program with a great deal of progress.

First graders needed a little refresher on how to log on and access the reading program. At this point they are moving quite rapidly in the reading program, cracking a lot of eggs.

Second graders have progressed to the top level of the reading program (Reading Eggspress) and are well on their way to becoming accomplished  readers.

As the year progresses K-2 will become more involved with keyboarding lessons to get ready for our Chromebook environment.


For third grade through eighth grade the Computer Lab is in their room, as every student has access to their own Chromebook. Each session starts out with ten minutes of typing practice.

Third graders are becoming familiar with Chromebooks and have mastered logging on and signing in to their accounts. They can do their reading quizzes right on their Chromebook and are learning how to use the keyboard, HOME ROW, HOME ROW, HOME ROW. They are also learning the word processing to type paragraphs.

Fourth graders have been learning how to use the word processing program to type reports. They are currently learning how use the PowerPoint program to do a presentation involving California Native American tribes.  

Fifth graders have completed using Google Docs to create a brochure on the New England Colonies, this was a challenging assignment. However, they persevered and produced a beautiful piece of work.

Sixth Graders have learned the basics of using a Spreadsheet while collecting data on this year’s wildfires in five western states.  They are currently finishing up an assignment on volcanoes. They have collected information on a U.S. Volcano of their choosing and put this information into a pamphlet style presentation.  

Seventh and Eighth Graders have worked more extensively with Spreadsheets including collection and analysis of Wildfire Data, as well as developing a Future Earnings Spreadsheet with an; itemized budget projection, selection of college, career and annual income.

Yearbook is an elective class where we’ve been learning skills in photography and applying them in the real world of student activities to be presented in this year’s Yearbook.

Friday Coding is just what it sounds like, on Friday we have a class that is an introduction to coding. Students mostly use Block Coding to manipulate different environments following a set of instructions and move up to creating their own set of instructions.Those who are more adventurous  go on to  learn Javascript which will enable them to create their own App or Program.

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